Maurício Bomfim


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It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to the extraordinary furniture designs by Mauricio Bomfim. Each piece in this collection reflects Mauricio's profound connection to art, design, and the vibrant expression of emotions and sensations that surround him.

Mauricio's journey to success is intricately woven with small details and profound inspirations.

From a young age, he immersed himself in art and design, using them as his means of communication and his way of experiencing the world.

His career began with a clear path, where design became his oxygen—transforming, creating, inspiring, and touching people through diverse forms and emotions.

Recognized for his talents, Mauricio swiftly rose to become a manager at a furniture company, overseeing curation and store design.

With clarity in his path, Mauricio later founded his own firm specializing in Architecture and Interior Design, where he further explored his capabilities. His love for his craft is evident in every line, curve, and volume—expressing a powerful voice through his artistry.

Acknowledged for his creative process, Mauricio was invited to develop his first collection of products, achieving significant acclaim in the market. This momentum led to numerous collaborations, designing signature furniture pieces for esteemed brands.

Currently, Mauricio proudly collaborates with Feeling Estofados as their Exclusive Designer, crafting products celebrated both nationally and internationally.

Please join us in exploring Mauricio Bomfim's exceptional furniture collection—a testament to his passion, creativity, and enduring commitment to artistic expression.